Hi, I’m Krystle…Also, known by KC or the yoga girl.

Welcome to my site! Here you will find a pinch of this and a shake of that.  There will be life stories to tell, yoga to share, and a collaboration of other health, fitness, Faith,  and beauty topics.  Basically discussions will be of a variety and “flexible” (pun intended…and my favorite pun to use btw…so I apologize in advance for the redundancy if I use it again).

By nature I am a sharer. I like to share experiences. The good, the bad, and sometimes even the ugly…and I look forward to sharing it all with you guys.  I hope you will find the posts to come informative and uplifting.

So to kick this off I will start by telling y’all a couple odd facts about me.  First, since I mentioned the word “redundancy” above I tend to carry both pickles & cucumbers in my lunch.  Weird I know, considering a pickle is a cucumber all jazzed up. And second, I next to never leave my house with the toilet seats up. Random? Yes! But after working in real estate for 10 years I guess its just a habit.  I check the toilet lids before I leave just as if I was making sure all the lights were turned off.

Now you know a little bit of useless trivia about me.  Thank you for visiting my page and hopefully following my blog. I look forward to sharing life with y’all.



Having a yoga studio in my town had been amazing. I’ve tried doing yoga from home through videos, but could never stick with it because it was just boring. Yoga at Hustle and Heart is not boring. We laugh together as we lose our balance and cheer for each other when we do things we didn’t expect we could do. It’s a great community of people to be a part of.

It has also kept me flexible during my pregnancy and Krystle has been wonderful about making sure I know the accommodations that need to be made to make room for my ever growing baby!

If you’re looking for a judgement free place to work out, have fun, and make friends, Hustle and Heart is the place for you!

— Katherine Mobbs



Hustle and Heart, LLC






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