Where to start??

We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to his holy work.  We had nothing to do with it. It was all his idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it. But we know it now.

— 2 Timothy 1:8-9 msg

If I was to tell you the question that I get asked the most it would be “How did you get started in yoga?”.   So I figured that would be the best place to start with you guys.

It all began with headaches and tension.  I would regularly see a chiropractor and massage therapist for these issues and one day it was suggested to me to get a “hobby” as a stress relieving outlet.  I immediately decided that my new hobby would be yoga and the crazy thing is I have no idea why but that was the direction I was lead.  I tried a few classes and would travel to Texarkana almost every weekend to practice there.  Then one day I saw a sign on the old movie theater in my town, The Cameo, that said “Cameo Crossfit and Yoga” and this was the spark…the spark that lit the flame that is now Hustle and Heart Yoga studio.

20180304_133542.jpgNow here is where my story could turn into a long one but I will just keep it as short and sweet as possible.  My first yoga class at Cameo went well but this bearded man kept bugging me about also joining Crossfit, which at the time I was totally against.  Reluctantly I tried a class and for some reason I kept coming back.  I grew a love (aka addiction) for Crossfit and began to develop a home there.  I met a lot of awesome people, developed great relationships, and even became really close friends with the bearded man, also know as JR or Coach….But have say my favorite thing to of called him was simply a friend.

As time went on JR trusted me to take over the yoga program.  Which I won’t lie I was quite nervous about at first but with his encouragement, the members of Cameo behind me, and my husband’s support I jumped right on in.  I found my groove and a strong desire to share yoga with my community. I enrolled in 200hr yoga teacher training and things were going great.  We had big plans for Cameo Crossfit and Yoga.  Plans to help people, to cultivate positive energy, and to grow.  Then on December 28, 2016 JR left his home here on earth.  During this time there was lots of heartbreak.  JR touched the lives of so many and our community was shook.  Cameo Crossfit and Yoga was no more and I honestly just felt like giving it all up.  I started attending a new gym (Bluebloods – who welcomed us all with open arms and I am so thankful for them) and just thought about setting the yoga thing on the back burner. Then one of my faithfuls encouraged me to hold some community classes and I did…and they were a success. The first class I held had 23 people in it. I was so excited and also feeling a little sad because something was missing, JR was missing.  I started going back through old messages from JR and ran across a picture he sent me that said “Not many women with a hustle and heart like hers”.  Just like that he was inspiring me once again, I finished out my training, graduated, and started towards building the dream which is now Hustle and Heart Yoga.

I feel so blessed and privileged to be carrying on our dream within the same four walls that it began (Big thanks to Christy Watson for also sharing the passion and bringing Bella Magnolia to reality).  The goal for 2017 was to have a nice place for yoga and we reached that goal.

I have a loving husband, supportive friends and family, and the best clients in the world.  I believe this is where I belong, that this is my calling, and my way to honor our God.

Thank you all for standing behind me. I truly believe that together we will rise.

All the love,


Rule # 8 – All we have is this moment.


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