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The Blooper “Real”

So you are thinking about coming to a yoga class and to be prepared you Pinterest or Google the word “yoga”. What you would probably find is lots of tall, slender people bending in ways that seem unimaginable or doing something crazy like standing on their hands.  Trust me we have ALL been there and it is so intimidating but honestly that’s not the truth of yoga.

The word yoga actually stems from the word “yoke” which means to unite.  This could mean uniting movement with your breath, your mind and your body, or even to unite people.  It could mean uniting anything. What it doesn’t mean is fear…fear of not being able to do the movements or fear of making a fool of yourself.  Yoga is about you and where you are and about taking the steps to where you want to be.

Now here is a little bit or real for y’all. Those of you that are in my class know I am far from the perfect yoga instructor.  I mix up my words some (or maybe a lot, whose counting)…I stumble sometimes…I probably need to get Left and Right tattooed on my feet…and my twang made the phrase “boat hold” sound like “butt hole” this last Saturday. To further prove the point here is a blooper from a yoga pose posted I made last night.

On the right is the intended pose. On the Left is one of the bloopers. I kicked up and fell back down.

The pictures you see on the internet are not real life (thank you Instagram filters), it is what the person wants you to see.  In real life we all fall down and we all struggle.  Sometimes we have to step back and remember it’s not all about the destination and take the time to enjoy the journey.

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