Beauty Talk: Dermaplaning

Alright y’all, let’s talk about one of my favorite spa services ever…Dermplaning.

What is dermaplaning you ask?

In “Krystle Talk” it is where a highly trained individual (don’t try this at home kids) takes a 10 blade scalpel (yes, scalpel…just like Grey’s anatomy) and uses it to remove the tiny hairs and dead skin from your face.

You are then left with a fuzz free face, declogged pores, and an exceptionally smooth canvas for your beauty products and make up. Not to mention, like with any form of exfoliation you will also be left with an overall better complexion.

Here’s my results from my dermaplaning today.

Just look at all the baby hairs and dead skin that was on my face and that is with me following a full am/pm skin care regimen. It’s almost embarassing!

Since I started having dermaplaning done my skin has made major improvements and I am so glad I was introduced to this service. I would of never of posted a no make-up selfie before now #daretobare.

So if you are curious about trying out dermaplaning let me know or call Bella Magnolia (870-901-3563) and schedule your appointment with Betty. She is very professional and thorough… you won’t regret it.

All the Love,


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