The Original

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain.

— 1 Corinthians 15:10

World Down Syndrome Day, March 21

Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone! What a special day to celebrate and remind ourselves to embrace the things that make us unique.

I take a stand for World Down Syndrome Day because I am very blessed to call several individuals with Down Syndrome my friends and I must say to know them is to love them.  They are kind, loving, and thoughtful….I can count more then one occasion when one these friends have absolutely made my day.  They go through life living unapologetically just as they are which makes them some of the bravest people you will ever meet.

But even more then all of that, they are the children of God and they are so loved.  They are unique and when you get to the core of it, we all are.  God made us all original and that is such a priceless gift.

It is time to live with the enough courage to embrace the things that make us different.  So in the spirit of being as brave as my dear friends I am going to list 5 things that make up my individuality.  I also challenge you do the same…write them down…on a napkin, in a journal, in the comments, wherever.  Reflect on the list often, add to it when needed and be proud of what makes you an original.

5 Unique things about me:

  1. I am a 30 year old woman that LOVES superhero movies.  Marvel or DC, it doesn’t matter I love them all.  I am also in the very low percentage of the population that liked Ben Affleck as both Daredevil and Batman.
  2. I was one of them most non athletic people ever in high school but some how in my adult life I have turned into a CrossFitter and a Yoga instructor.   I never even took PE as an elective.  I tried at all cost to avoid any fitness related activities but now fitness is one of my passions.
  3. I have a cleft chin or what you would call a dimple in my chin.  In the 6th grade there was a boy in my class that called me “booty chin” all the time and as dumb as it was I let it get to me for a long time. But now I am like Booyah!!! I have a Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, celebrity status chin :)!
  4. I was born 2 months premature.
  5. I am a very passionate and empathetic person.  I cry at almost anything (like literally mourned for TWO days with Derek Sheppard died and let’s not even start the mess “This is Us” leaves me in).  I also cheer for anyone and anything.  I have cheered for things such as Garth Brook’s “Standing Outside the Fire” all the way to every contestant that auditions for The Voice

PS.  Here is a little something extra for those who don’t know me well.  I do the Macarena almost every morning when I am getting ready.  LOL

Embrace what makes you one of a kind and  respect what those who differ from you.  Love one another as God loves us.

All the Love,


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