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Beauty Talk: Dry Brushing

Happy Friday!  The weather is finally warming up and this week marked the official start of spring.  This means its time to bust out the warm weather wardrobe and show a little leg (who wears short shorts…feel free to sing along).

That’s right ladies it is officially leg shaving season and I have a quick beauty routine tip that will help keep your legs smooth all spring and summer long.

Dry Brushing is something I recently got into and LOVE the results!  Also its super EASY #winning.

First you will need to find a dry brushing brush.  I got the one below at Walmart for fairly cheap but they are easily accessible.

Next, you will brush your legs or any area you wish to exfoliate with upward strokes. Make sure your legs are dry and free of lotion.  As the bristles buff and release the dead skin your legs with start to look “ashy” and dry.

After you have completed the brushing you will need to take a shower to wash away the dead skin you loosened up with the brush.  I also like to use an in shower scrub to finish the job with a little extra exfoliation and pampering (yes I know…I am EXTRA).   This process will leave the legs smooth and allows for an incredibly close shave. You will want to follow shower with your favorite moisturizer.  

Now all that’s left is to break out the floral skirts, springy sun dresses, and denim shorts.

Enjoy all the fun and sunshine coming our way.

All the love,




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