“Behind” Perfection

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

I know that we all have those moments.

The moments when you take a look around you and it seems like everyone doing things right but you can’t seem to step off of the struggle bus.

You have friends and family that seem like they have it all their stuff together and it is neatly packed up and tied with a pretty bow.

Perception of perfection is a funny thing. The way we perceive things isn’t always the way it is because let’s face it …No one is perfect, we are all a great big ole hot messes. To illustrate the difference in our perception and perfection I have a little story.

Now this one is an embarrassing one but it happened to me today…So in the spirit of transparency here I go.

I was sitting at work by myself and had to use the rest room (TMI I know but it is essential to the story). I leave my desk and head to the bathroom. It had been a quite morning so I figured I would be able to take a quick bathroom break without missing a phone call or anything. Well mid-tinkle (…I know again TMI) the door chimes that someone enters the office. So I rush to finish and wash my hands so that I can greet the person that came in. I step out the bathroom and there was a lady standing there and the first thing she says is “Well you sure look pretty today”. I tell her thank you and smiled…really soaking up the compliment because the truth of the matter is I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday and the only reason I was wearing a dress was because it’s easier then finding both a top and pants. She then asks for a rental list and was quickly on her way.

Now here is where we get into the “perception” part of the story. After she leaves I return to the bathroom to shut off the lights and as I was walking out I catch a glimpse of myself in mirror. I immediately drop my head and laugh out aloud because the very back of my dress is tucked into my underwear….Like really tucked into my underwear. The dress was flowing and swing style so from the front you couldn’t see my wardrobe malfunction in the back.

So here I am thinking that I fooled a lady into believing I had my stuff together with my dry shampoo saturated hair and lazy dress, when behind me I was literally showing my rear. The irony of this made me really reflect on the lengths that we take to try and live up to today’s standards. All the efforts we make to try and portray a perfect life and existence are a waste because in the end none of that matters. We are all beautiful disasters and we are all unconditionally loved by God, our works do not change that. We need to focus less on projecting the perfect image of life and more on showcasing God’s grace through our imperfections. I for one know I am so grateful for His mercy.

I hope that this story brings comfort to your soul and releases some of the pressures you put on yourself. Learn to cut yourself some slack and know none of us are perfect, we are all in this together…His grace is perfect and is a gift — Accept it.

All the Love,


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