Rest Day

Yesterday was a great day.

I did miss my blog post for June 2 but it was for good reason.

I woke up early, got coffee, went to the Square Market, taught 2 yoga classes, ate lunch with my mother in law and spent the rest of the evening grilling and relaxing with family. I took the time to slow down and just enjoy the day. The hustle is real but the break was much needed.

Today is a new beginning and it’s time to get back on track. So many times when we slip we let one little step back discourage us. This makes it more and more challenging for us to move forward.

Is there a goal that you are struggling to stay focused on? Do you feel like your goals are too far gone to be within reach?

Pick your head up, grab some friends, and move forward. Rest when needed and be ready when its time to work.

All the love


3 thoughts on “Rest Day”

  1. Yes. I feel like my goals are too far gone to be reached. Is it too late for me ?
    I am taking a stand today.
    Step one : PiYo today.


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