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Why Hello There!

He who started a good work in you will carry it to completion. — Philippians 1:6


Goodness it has been a while since I have posted. Life has been crazy busy lately and that is such a blessing. Since the last time we talked I earned a PiYo certification, passed my exam to sell insurance, and started a complete bathroom remodel. My brain has been so busy that I had developed a case of writers block but I have a little something something for ya today.

Now this is a fairly short and simple story but it struck me as inspiring so I wanted to share.

As many of you know my primary job is in the Real Estate business; I run the office at Eiler Realty and I am also an agent. So yesterday I needed to get a couple of keys made for some listings we have. I decided I would just run to Walmart and use the Minute Key machine that they have at the front of the store.

First of all the name “Minute Key” is only appropriate if you actually know what you are doing. I stepped up to the machine holding the keys and two 5 dollar bills. I hit the button to start and was promptly notified that the machine takes exact change only and that each key is $3.00. So I went and stood in line to get some change and was then told that I had to get change from customer service which in turn meant another line to stand in. Right now we are in about minute 7 in my “Minute Key” experience. It’s finally my turn, the cashier hands me 10 crisp dollar bills and I return to the machine. My first key purchase went smooth and easy, it truly only took about a minute. Feeling confident I go to place the second key in the machine and it tells me to remove it and try again. The machine takes a few minutes to reset and I make a second attempt…Same thing. We did this little dance probably 5 times before I finally conceded. We are now in like minute 18 of this little adventure. I was wearing high heels, my feet hurt, and the last thing I wanted to do was traipse across the store to automotive but off I went. Once I got to automotive the young man that helped me was very nice polite. He noticed my key chain and asked if I was in real estate. My “hustle” detector start to ring and I promptly replied with “Yes I am. Do you need to find a home?”. He said he did and then we conversed on what he is looking to buy for him and his family.

Now here is the lesson…many times things just don’t go our way…we get frustrated, disheartened, and our mood makes it difficult to see our blessings. This man may never buy a house from me but all of the set backs I faced lead me to the OPPORTUNITY to meet this person. I was trying to take one path even when I was shown that it wasn’t meant for me. I wanted to do it my way and my way didn’t work. This is where our faith comes in. We have got to have faith that our hard times, our set backs, our frustrations are all there to lead us or prepare us for what is meant. I know I am making this proclamation after something as simple as getting a key made and that seems too simple for it to be God but the truth is God cares about all the details of our lives even the simplest ones.

I look back at all the plans I had once made for myself and I say a little prayer to thank God for all the bumps in the road that lead me right to where I am now…the instances that I thought were meant to steal my joy ended up guiding to me to my greatest blessings. Trust His plan my Friends, Trust it.

All the love,



Skinny Dipping

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to my newest segment of my blog, Food Fix! This addition will cover food hacks, recipes, and my favorite food finds.  I get asked about nutrition a lot…I am not a professional by no means but I’d love to share the tidbits of knowledge I have with you.

So today brings us to snack time.  My # 1 tip when it comes to snacking smart is to over prepare and to give yourselves options.  This will help you avoid falling off the wagon.  I like carry lots of different choices so I don’t feel limited and robbed by eating healthy.


My favorite go-to is fruits and veggies.  Now, I know what you are thinking…after a while veggies can become blah but I have fix for that….Healthy(Skinny) Dipping options. Take a plunge you won’t feel guilty about afterwards.


These are 3 of my absolute favorite ways to jazz up your snack time.

Barney’s Almond Butter has no sugar or salt added and is creamy like peanut putter.

Pairs perfectly with apple slices, bananas, or celery.

Great for keto and paleo style diet plans!





Hope Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus is dip heaven.  It is spicy and flavorful.  Goes great with any veggies and also Multi Grain flat breads.

Dip it, spread it, use it as a topping….the possibilities are endless.

They also have a Black Garlic Humus that is just as legit.




Last but not least is Herdes Guacamole Salsa.

Yes…I have a thing for avocados but they are not overpowering in either of these last two products.

This is great as a dip for veggies but is also great for dressing for a fajita or taco salad.

This salsa has a bold flavor that kicks things up a notch without being too spicy.


Do you have anymore skinny dip ideas ?  Let me know!

Give these a try and let me know what you think!

All the love,


*** Got a recipe that is sure to impress?  or maybe even a nutrition tip? Send them my way! I would love to feature your talents and wisdom on my blog ***




“Behind” Perfection

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

I know that we all have those moments.

The moments when you take a look around you and it seems like everyone doing things right but you can’t seem to step off of the struggle bus.

You have friends and family that seem like they have it all their stuff together and it is neatly packed up and tied with a pretty bow.

Perception of perfection is a funny thing. The way we perceive things isn’t always the way it is because let’s face it …No one is perfect, we are all a great big ole hot messes. To illustrate the difference in our perception and perfection I have a little story.

Now this one is an embarrassing one but it happened to me today…So in the spirit of transparency here I go.

I was sitting at work by myself and had to use the rest room (TMI I know but it is essential to the story). I leave my desk and head to the bathroom. It had been a quite morning so I figured I would be able to take a quick bathroom break without missing a phone call or anything. Well mid-tinkle (…I know again TMI) the door chimes that someone enters the office. So I rush to finish and wash my hands so that I can greet the person that came in. I step out the bathroom and there was a lady standing there and the first thing she says is “Well you sure look pretty today”. I tell her thank you and smiled…really soaking up the compliment because the truth of the matter is I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday and the only reason I was wearing a dress was because it’s easier then finding both a top and pants. She then asks for a rental list and was quickly on her way.

Now here is where we get into the “perception” part of the story. After she leaves I return to the bathroom to shut off the lights and as I was walking out I catch a glimpse of myself in mirror. I immediately drop my head and laugh out aloud because the very back of my dress is tucked into my underwear….Like really tucked into my underwear. The dress was flowing and swing style so from the front you couldn’t see my wardrobe malfunction in the back.

So here I am thinking that I fooled a lady into believing I had my stuff together with my dry shampoo saturated hair and lazy dress, when behind me I was literally showing my rear. The irony of this made me really reflect on the lengths that we take to try and live up to today’s standards. All the efforts we make to try and portray a perfect life and existence are a waste because in the end none of that matters. We are all beautiful disasters and we are all unconditionally loved by God, our works do not change that. We need to focus less on projecting the perfect image of life and more on showcasing God’s grace through our imperfections. I for one know I am so grateful for His mercy.

I hope that this story brings comfort to your soul and releases some of the pressures you put on yourself. Learn to cut yourself some slack and know none of us are perfect, we are all in this together…His grace is perfect and is a gift — Accept it.

All the Love,


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Beauty Talk: Dry Brushing

Happy Friday!  The weather is finally warming up and this week marked the official start of spring.  This means its time to bust out the warm weather wardrobe and show a little leg (who wears short shorts…feel free to sing along).

That’s right ladies it is officially leg shaving season and I have a quick beauty routine tip that will help keep your legs smooth all spring and summer long.

Dry Brushing is something I recently got into and LOVE the results!  Also its super EASY #winning.

First you will need to find a dry brushing brush.  I got the one below at Walmart for fairly cheap but they are easily accessible.

Next, you will brush your legs or any area you wish to exfoliate with upward strokes. Make sure your legs are dry and free of lotion.  As the bristles buff and release the dead skin your legs with start to look “ashy” and dry.

After you have completed the brushing you will need to take a shower to wash away the dead skin you loosened up with the brush.  I also like to use an in shower scrub to finish the job with a little extra exfoliation and pampering (yes I know…I am EXTRA).   This process will leave the legs smooth and allows for an incredibly close shave. You will want to follow shower with your favorite moisturizer.  

Now all that’s left is to break out the floral skirts, springy sun dresses, and denim shorts.

Enjoy all the fun and sunshine coming our way.

All the love,





The Original

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain.

— 1 Corinthians 15:10

World Down Syndrome Day, March 21

Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone! What a special day to celebrate and remind ourselves to embrace the things that make us unique.

I take a stand for World Down Syndrome Day because I am very blessed to call several individuals with Down Syndrome my friends and I must say to know them is to love them.  They are kind, loving, and thoughtful….I can count more then one occasion when one these friends have absolutely made my day.  They go through life living unapologetically just as they are which makes them some of the bravest people you will ever meet.

But even more then all of that, they are the children of God and they are so loved.  They are unique and when you get to the core of it, we all are.  God made us all original and that is such a priceless gift.

It is time to live with the enough courage to embrace the things that make us different.  So in the spirit of being as brave as my dear friends I am going to list 5 things that make up my individuality.  I also challenge you do the same…write them down…on a napkin, in a journal, in the comments, wherever.  Reflect on the list often, add to it when needed and be proud of what makes you an original.

5 Unique things about me:

  1. I am a 30 year old woman that LOVES superhero movies.  Marvel or DC, it doesn’t matter I love them all.  I am also in the very low percentage of the population that liked Ben Affleck as both Daredevil and Batman.
  2. I was one of them most non athletic people ever in high school but some how in my adult life I have turned into a CrossFitter and a Yoga instructor.   I never even took PE as an elective.  I tried at all cost to avoid any fitness related activities but now fitness is one of my passions.
  3. I have a cleft chin or what you would call a dimple in my chin.  In the 6th grade there was a boy in my class that called me “booty chin” all the time and as dumb as it was I let it get to me for a long time. But now I am like Booyah!!! I have a Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, celebrity status chin :)!
  4. I was born 2 months premature.
  5. I am a very passionate and empathetic person.  I cry at almost anything (like literally mourned for TWO days with Derek Sheppard died and let’s not even start the mess “This is Us” leaves me in).  I also cheer for anyone and anything.  I have cheered for things such as Garth Brook’s “Standing Outside the Fire” all the way to every contestant that auditions for The Voice

PS.  Here is a little something extra for those who don’t know me well.  I do the Macarena almost every morning when I am getting ready.  LOL

Embrace what makes you one of a kind and  respect what those who differ from you.  Love one another as God loves us.

All the Love,